I develop and use a variety of curriculum in my classes that has been derived from my own design work. When developing new ideas, pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques opens up new avenues and directions in communication.

Web design

Fundamentals of Web Design
Web Design I
Web Design II
Screen Design and Graphics


Fundamentals of Digital Media
Graphic Design Principles
Graphic Production
Graphic Symbolism


Digital Imaging
Digital Image Manipulation
Digital Imagery for Interactive Media
Web Imaging Techniques


Computer Animation
Interactive Authoring I
Interactive Authoring II
Interactive Portfolio Design


User Prototyping
Rapid Visualization
User-Centered Information Design


Design and Typography
Type and Layout
Typographic Design


Commentary on Communication.

One Dot At A Time, Lichtenstein Made Art Pop.

Roy Lichtenstein is best known for his dotted, angst-filled comics featuring full ladies in distress. But a major retrospective at the National Gallery shows that the painter found inspiration beyond the comic book world; he also painted his respects to the masters–Picasso, Monet and more. Listen

Ellsworth Kelly Brings Joy with Colorful Canvases.

The nonagenarian artist recently received the National Medal of Arts, and museums around the world are still celebrating his May birthday. The Phillips collection, in Washington, D.C., is displaying seven “exuberant” pieces: layered or lined up canvases painted in bold solid colors. Listen

Where's Thor When You Need Her? Women In Comics Fight An Uphill Battle.

The first issue of Marvel's new Thor is now on newsstands. In it, a mysterious woman shows that she, too, is worthy of wielding the hammer of Thor. She joins a growing list of superhuman heroines leading their own comic books as Marvel and DC push to diversify and improve the representation of women on their pages. Listen

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I am an experienced designer, media consultant and educator based in Southern California. As an instructor of art and design, I have developed course curriculum, and have instructed graduate, undergraduate and continuing education students in a wide range of courses throughout the United States.



No matter the person or the medium, everyone goes through a process before being struck by inspiration. The vision comes in a flash, bolstered by experience.


Bouncing between excitement and apprehension, your instincts take over, keeping in mind the vision and the constraints. Clarity, like vision, often happens in a moment.


Anticipation makes the heart and mind swell and being a great daydreamer helps. The difference between artists who create and those who don't is conviction.


When the sky opens and angels sing, the tireless consuming passion of perfection begins the entire sequence again, forming an infinite loop.


The Vagina Monologues
Love & Liberation
African American History Month
International Film Festival
Dance Recipes


What the students are saying.


Just comprehending all Professor Thomas has been teaching me, so I won't make silly mistakes, has been very helpful. The learning experience has been awesome.

Rachel AI

Thank you Professor Tom for sharing your wisdom and for your guidance through this process. I learned more than I thought I would and even though it was tough, it was worth it. It's absolutely thrilling to see my site live! Thank you again!

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